Dec 12, 2018

Save the Internet

Published Jun 7, 2006, 12:00pm
Save the Internet

AT&T gave your personal information to the government.

Now, AT&T wants to control your Internet.


AT&T wants to seize control of the Internet. That's right. The same company that handed over the personal information of millions of Americans to the government wants to become the gatekeeper of the information superhighway.

AT&T is now spending tens of millions of dollars to force legislation through Congress that would let AT&T - and other big phone and cable companies - decide what you watch, where you go and what you do online. AT&T stands to make billions if the legislation is passed. But do you trust AT&T to make the right decisions for you?

The Coalition is an alliance of more than 700 groups from across the political spectrum who have joined together to defend Internet freedom.

More than 700,000 Americans have signed our petition urging Congress to protect "Network Neutrality" - the principle that keeps the Internet free and open. We didn't take any corporate money to pay for this ad.

You can stop AT&T's plan to control the Internet. Join the fight for Internet freedom today.

Tell Congress to stop AT&T's plan to take away your Internet freedom.

Take action at

Don't let Big Telecom and Cable destroy the Internet

Save the Internet: Click here

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