Dec 12, 2018

CBS Violated Public's Civil Rights in Don Imus Firing

Published Apr 14, 2007, 12:00pm


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Fitness Guru and Media Mogul Slams NBC - Again

CEO of Cites CNBC & CBS Violated Public's Civil Rights in Don Imus Firing

Judy Myers, fitness guru and CEO of a new social networking site, and CEO of entertainment company Alchemy Visions Inc., and who recently filed a lawsuit against NBC's Lock & Key Productions' show, Deal Or No Deal, has come out swinging against CNBC and CBS regarding the firing of Don Imus.

Myers states, "I can't believe it. This firing has put the American public on notice that we no longer have freedom of speech. This is censorship of the worst kind. We will be heading right into a Euro-Socialist Fascist era if somebody doesn't stand up to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who are obviously trying to shakedown CBS and CNBC for a job.

"CNBC and Les Moonves of CBS did not ask the American public whether they should do this or not. This is a violation of the public civil rights under Section 1983 U.S. Const. 42 Amd.

"This caving in by the networks to a couple of race baiters means all of us are in danger of being ruled by street thugs with megaphones calling themselves Reverends, as moral arbiters, yet setting race relations on fire. Not one person in the media has become outraged over this. Why? They are afraid of their shadows.

"As a female champion athlete, and former coach for women's championship sports teams, I say to the Rutgers team, get a grip and concentrate on your 'A' game -- basketball; anything less will cause you to become losers. Keep your eye on the right kind of prize."

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