Aug 8, 2020

Liberty Schools Affected By Suspicious Devices

Published Sep 15, 2011, 1:55pm
Liberty Schools Affected By Suspicious Devices

2 Liberty Schools Affected By Suspicious Devices

Students Discovered Devices While Outside On Campus

Students at two Liberty schools are being kept inside after two suspicious devices were found on campus Thursday afternoon.

The schools affected are South Valley Middle School and South Valley Junior High.

According to a school district representative, students picking up sticks on the south side of the campus found the devices. One device was described as being pipe-shaped and the other egg-shaped, according to district officials.

Police are at the scene investigating.

School officials said the schools are not on lockdown, but on Phase 2 Security, which means that students cannot leave the buildings.

Since school is about to be released, school officials said parents can pick up their children from the Stewart Road/Midjay Drive side of the campus.

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