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Businessman Fights Back Against Anonymous Facebook Posting

Published Jan 27, 2010, 10:40pm
Excelsior Spring's Businessman Fights Back Against Anonymous Facebook Posting

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Facebook Rumor Hits Gas Station Owner

Excelsior Spring's Businessman Fights Back Against Anonymous Facebook Posting

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. -- It started as a post on Facebook – a story that a man who runs a gas station in Excelsior Springs refused to sell to a person in the military.

Peter Patel said whoever posted a vicious rumor about his BP Quick Corner station doesn't know him or his business very well.

"I respect everyone. I serve everyone," said the 33-year-old operator of the BP gas station, which is known as Quick Corner.

KMBC's Bev Chapman reported that Patel refused service because, according to the post, he said, "You are killing my people."

Patel was born in India --a country that has been a friend of the United States for years. He has owned the station for five years and has lived in America for 20 years.

Because the posting was anonymous, he has no idea who would say these things or why. He says the account is a lie.

Rebecca Roe, one of Patel's customers, agreed. "I was very upset," she said about the story. "They've always been nice and kind. My husband is a U.S. soldier. They've never said anything wrong."

Another customer, Kent Parrish, said, "I've been around them quite a while. They're great people."

Patel said that his customers have told him not to worry, but he does worry. "They hurt my business. They hurt me."

He is hoping that publicizing the facts will help him overcome the rumor.

Editor's Note:

I am surprised this hasn't happen before with Facebook allowing anonymous posts. The gutless wonder wouldn't even put his name on the post. I am proud to call this Excelsior Spring's man a brother American and would buy his gas anytime.

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            Tags: Businessman Fights Back Against Anonymous Facebook Posting

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