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Partnership seeks to bring awareness to Healthy Active Living

Published Mar 26, 2010, 8:50pm
Clay County government partnered with the Clay County Public Health Center and Clay County Senior Services to promote Healthy Active Living


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Partnership seeks to bring awareness to Healthy Active Living


April is National County Government Month and this year’s theme is Healthy Counties. That’s one reason why Clay County government partnered with the Clay County Public Health Center and Clay County Senior Services to promote Healthy Active Living.

            Clay County was recently ranked 8th in Health Outcomes and 12th in Health Factors out of 115 Missouri counties & City of St. Louis in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin County Health Rankings.  To continue the County’s good health ranking and to help bring awareness to Healthy Active Living all month and into May, the three organizations are planning an awareness campaign with different topics each week so citizens can find ways to become healthier. 


Healthy Active Living:

Week of April 5

            An overview on Healthy Active Living.         

            Clay County recognizes:            Healthy Counties Month

                                                            Public Health Week, April 5-11

Week of April 12

            Learn about places in Clay County to enjoy the outdoors and be active.


Week of April 19

            It’s all about Portion Distortion. What happened to portions? Tips for bringing portions under control.

            Team registration deadline for Gladstone’s Strive to Thrive Friendly Walking and Nutrition Challenge. Teams from the Gladstone area may register at the City of Gladstone website: www.gladstone.mo.us   


Week of April 26

            Healthy Active Seniors-- Physical activity is the best way for older adults to maintain health and improve quality of life.  Clay County Senior Services partners with area community centers, hospitals, and local school districts’ to offer a quarterly $30 exercise scholarship to seniors.


            American Red Cross Blood Drive, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Wed., April 28, at the Rooney Justice Center. Online registration will be available at www.claycogov.com.


Coming in May

            Clay County recognizes: Older Americans Month in May. This year’s theme is

Age Strong Live long!  The commission will issue a resolution honoring Clay County older adults.  For more information on Clay County Senior Services, visit www.claycoseniors.org.

            Clay County Public Health Center and Clay County Senior Services will be releasing the results of the older adults’ survey for the county the first week of May.  The last time a survey was taken and released was 2007.

            Clay County Senior Citizens and Clay County Public Health Center are sponsoring “A Matter of Balance,” classes to educate seniors on fall risks and exercise to improve strength and balance. To register, visit www.clayhealth.org.

            “Clay County is very pleased to partner with other Clay County organizations to promote a healthy lifestyle for our residents.  The health rankings we received notice of are evidence that Clay County is an excellent place to live, work and play. Clay County Senior Citizens Services and our Public Health Center are working hard to maintain an excellent quality of life for our citizens. We know communities all have programs to better our health and quality of life and area hospitals offer a variety of programs and training for staying fit, eating right and being healthy.  We are very fortunate to live in Clay County with all these resources right in our own backyard and to have so many opportunities available for healthy, active living,” said Presiding Commissioner Ed Quick.

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