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Most Dangerously Drunken Cities

Published Dec 6, 2007, 12:00pm


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Most Dangerously Drunken Cities

Men's Health magazine ranked cities on their danger from alcohol.

The rankings were based on factors such as fatal drunken driving crashes, liver disease and laws about when and where to buy alcohol.

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They were listed from most dangerous to least dangerous.

Kansas City, MO is 33, St. Louis, MO is 86 and Wichita, KS is 29.

100. Denver
99. Anchorage
98. Colorado Springs, Colo.
97. Omaha, Neb.
96. Fargo, N.D.
95. San Antonio, Texas
94. Austin, Texas
93. Fresno, Calif.
92. Lubbock, Texas
91. Milwaukee, Wis.
90. El Paso, Texas
89. Spokane, Wash.
88. Washington, D.C.
87. Columbia, S.C.
86. St. Louis,
85. Bakersfield, Calif.
84. San Diego, Calif.
83. Cheyenne, Wy.
82. Aurora, Colo.
81. Houston, Texas
80. Portland, Ore.
79. Seattle
78. Boise, Idaho
77. Tucson, Ariz.
76. Dallas, Texas
75. Jacksonville, Fla.
74. Toledo, OH
73.Madison, Wis.
72. Oakland, Calif.
71. Modesto, Calif.
70. Billings, Mont.
69. Fremont, Calif.
68. Oklahoma City
67. San Francisco
66. Sacramento, Calif.
65. Los Angeles, Calif.
64. Phoenix
63. Albuquerque
62. Chicago
61. Providence, R.I.
60. Fort Wayne, Ind.
59. Manchester, N.H.
58. Charleston, W.Va.
57. Burlington, Vt.
56. Lincoln, Neb.
55. Corpus Christi, Texas
54. Des Moines, Iowa
53. Indianapolis
52. Pittsburgh, Pa.
51. Honolulu
50. St. Paul, Minn.
49. Tampa, Fla.
48. Greensboro, N.C.
47. Las Vegas
46. Baltimore
45. Riversidee, Calif.
44. Norfolk, VA
43. Detroit
42. Arlington, Texas
41. Grand Rapids, Mich.
40. San Jose, Calif.
39. St. Petersburg, Fla.
38. Nashville
37. Charlotte, N.C.
36. Wilmington, Del.
35. Orlando, Fla.
34. Minneapolis
33. Kansas City, Mo.
32. Fort Worth, Texas
31. Tulsa, Okla.
30. Anaheim, Calif.
29. Wichita, Kan.
28. Lexington, Ky.
27. Philadelphia
26. Montgomery, Ala.
25. Rochester, N.Y.
24. Raleigh, N.C.
23. Cincinnati
22. Louisville, K.Y.
21. Bangor, Maine
20. Memphis, Tenn.
19. Boston
18. Hartford, CT
17. Sioux Falls, S.D.
16. Birmingham, Ala.
15. Baton Rouge, La.
14. Columbus, Ohio
13. Cleveland
12. Atlanta
11. Newark, N.J.
10. Jersey City, N.J.
9. Richmond, Va.
8. New York City
7. Little Rock, Ark.
6. Salt lake City
5. Yonkers, N.Y.
4. Jackson, Miss.
3. Buffalo, N.Y.
2. Miami, Fla.
1. Durham, NC

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