Sep 20, 2021

Community Blood Center Kansas City needs your donations

Published Jan 8, 2008, 11:09pm


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The Community Blood
Center of Kansas City
needs your donations today

Community Blood Center Kansas City

Community Blood Center Facts

* Community Blood Center needs 580 donors each day to meet area hospitals' needs.

* Community Blood Center collected approximately 13,000 units of blood in its first year of operation, 1958.

* Community Blood Center has collected nearly 2,000,000 pints of blood since opening in 1958.

* Community Blood Center sends out almost 3,600 units of blood components each week to treat patients in over 75 area hospitals.

* Since opening in 1958, over 800,000 people have received blood donated at Community Blood Centers.

* By just making one donation, you can help as many as two patients. Your blood can be divided into blood components - , plasma and red cells.

* Over 99% of the blood collected by CBC stays in our community.

* The Community Blood Center relies solely on volunteer blood donors to meet the community's blood needs.

* Blood products have a limited shelf life.

Help save a life...Give Today!

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