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Published Feb 26, 2014, 10:50am
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A Message From LPS Board President Scott Connor

Below is a message from LPS Board of Education President Scott Connor to district staff earlier this morning regarding the upcoming superintendent search:


LPS Staff,

As was announced last week, Dr. John Jungmann, Superintendent of Schools, has been named the sole finalist as the superintendent for the Springfield Public School District, effective July 1, 2014.  Though his time with us has been short, we have accomplished many things under his leadership.  He has energized our district, re-focused our thinking, shared many new ideas that have led to continued efficiencies, and has shown that his skills and vision were exactly what we needed.  Over the past two years, the Board of Education adopted a new strategic plan, executed a new facility master plan, and has endorsed a technology initiative to take student engagement to a new level.  We hired one of the best superintendents in the state, and we are in a better place now than when he got here.  While we are disappointed to lose Dr. Jungmann, we wish him well and now focus our attention on the process for moving forward.

The Board of Education met last night in open session to work through the process of selecting a new superintendent for LPS.  Linked below is a timeline of events which includes multiple opportunities for us to gather input from LPS staff, community leaders and our patrons.  The position was posted last week, the same day this news was announced to staff.  Our target date for hiring is March 31, 2014.  However, and this is critical, we will not make a decision on this issue just to meet a self-imposed deadline.  We believe that LPS is a destination district in the State of Missouri and quality applicants will be interested in this position.  If we are able to find the right person for our District, then we will move forward in the hiring process.  If we feel we have not found the right fit for LPS, we may fill the position with a temporary hire and start the search process again in the fall.  The goal is to make the right decision, regardless of date.


During this process we will move forward with our building projects as scheduled, open EPiC Elementary this fall, and continue the implementation of technology and other initiatives.  Your work at the building level is the lifeblood of this organization, and any decisions made over the next few weeks will not change that.  Students' experiences in the classroom will remain the focus, and we will keep you informed through QuickNews and LPS staff communication channels as we move through this process.


Thank you for what you do for our students every day.  Onward.



Recruiting and Appointment of Superintendent Process




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