Sep 20, 2021

Liberty Board of Education Named State's Best

Published Oct 29, 2006, 12:00pm

The Liberty Board of Education was named Missouri's Outstanding Board of Education by the Missouri School Boards Association at their annual conference banquet held last Saturday night in Osage Beach, Missouri. Missouri has over 530 school districts. Last year the Liberty board was named to Missouri's Top Five List of Outstanding Boards.

Members of the Liberty Board of Education include: Bob Young, President; Cindy Dunlap, Vice-President; Jeff Akright; Bren Abbott; Ken Robinson and Evan Tripp

Dr. Scott Taveau, Liberty Superintendent of Schools and a former Missouri Superintendent of the Year, stood on the stage with the Liberty Board of Education as they received a thundering standing ovation from Boards of Education and School Administrators from every part of Missouri.

-Earlier this Year the Liberty Board of Education earned the Education Leadership Team Program of Excellence Award.

-Liberty Public Schools is one of the very few school districts in Missouri to earn both the state's highest accreditation and perfect scores on its annual performance review every year since its inception six years ago.

-Liberty's overall MAP scores are the highest in the Kansas City Region

-Sixth Grade Science scores are the highest in the State

-Liberty High School earned its highest ACT scores, ever, this past year

-Liberty is one of 24 Missouri school districts named Financial Outperformers by Standard & Poor's, and has earned national awards the past three years for outstanding budget preparation.

-Liberty Public Schools earned $1 million in grants this past year to expand learning opportunities in math, science and engineering.

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