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Singular and Multifaceted Technology Work Hand In Hand to provide solutions for today's information age users.

Published Mar 21, 2010, 8:40pm
Singular and Multifaceted Technology Work Hand In Hand to provide solutions for today's information age users.

Singular and Multifaceted Technology Work Hand In Hand to provide solutions for today's information age users.

Patrick Morgan 3.21.2010

Old fashioned reading

Still, it has to be said: The way the Kindle presents text content reminds us of the very first automobiles. The engineers of the time put an engine into a regular wagon pulled by horses, which was why the driver was sitting outside the carriage, as a coachman would.

Amazon has moved the paradigm of the book over to the computer, but the technological limitations of epaper has made it impossible for them to explore one of the true advantages of the computer: The possibility to present moving images.

iPad Features - More than just a really big iPod Touch

The features of the iPad are impressive, but it is the apps that are going to make the iPad succeed or fail. In many ways, the iPad is like a really big iPod Touch. It supports multi-touch, has an accelerometer and runs every app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. But the iPad will also have apps designed specifically for it, which will set it apart from the iPhone and iPod Touch.

iBooks. The iBooks application turns the iPad into a very capable eBook reader. In addition to having a clear color display, the iPad is able to display newspapers with video. And with the iBooks application, you will be able to browse through an eStore, buy books and put them in our own electronic bookshelf.

iWork. This very popular suite of office applications for the Mac has been redefined for the iPad. Using the multi-touch controls, iWork transforms the iPad from an entertainment device into a work device. iWork includes a word processor and spreadsheet and will be available from the app store for just $9.99. That's quite a savings compared to the desktop version.

Apple has done more to effect the computer industry than any other computer manufacturer in the world.

Patrick Morgan was fortunate to be picked as a Value Added Advisory Council member in the late 1980s. He visted and met with Apple's Best for 3 years.

He saw Apple's Cray computer at work making the time to market quick and the innovation of tech geniuses shine.

He started out in newspapers, printing and moved into cable tv with a local channel in 1981, Missouri's first cable newspaper. He and his company Electronic Publisher installed over 300 Macintosh publishing systems in newspapers during the late 1980's.

InfoKwik's "Electronic Publisher" produced the first all Macintosh published newspaper in 1987 with "The Society of Newspaper Design".

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