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Boeing rolling out 787 Dreamliner this weekend

Published Jul 5, 2007, 12:00pm


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Boeing rolling out 787 Dreamliner this weekend

Fast Facts: Boeing 787

The Boeing board of directors approved offering the 7E7 Dreamliner airplane for sale in late 2003.

On April 26, 2004, Japan-based All Nippon Airways (ANA) launched the 7E7 Dreamliner program with an order for 50 airplanes--the largest launch order in Boeing commercial aviation history.

On Jan. 28, 2005, Boeing announced that it gave the 7E7 Dreamliner an official model designation number of 787. The airplane became known as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The model designation followed the company-announced orders from the People's Republic of China for 60 Dreamliners. Boeing incorporated the 8 at the time of the China order because in many Asian cultures, the number 8 represents good luck and prosperity.

ANA will take its first 787 delivery in May 2008, when the first Dreamliner will enter service. To build the super-efficient airplane, Boeing has partnered with more than 40 of the world's top-tier suppliers. An international team is developing the airplane, led by Boeing at its Everett, Wash., facility.


The 787 is a family of airplanes in the 200- to 300-seat class that will carry passengers on routes between 3,500 and 8,500 nautical miles (6,500 to 16,000 kilometers). The 787 will allow airlines to offer passengers more of what they want: affordable, comfortable, nonstop, point-to-point travel to more destinations around the world.

In addition to bringing big-jet ranges to mid-size airplanes, the 787 will fly at Mach 0.85, as fast as today's fastest commercial airplanes, while using much less fuel.

Using 20 percent less fuel per passenger than similarly sized airplanes, the 787 is designed for the environment with lower emissions and quieter takeoffs and landings. Inside the airplane, passengers will find cleaner air, bigger windows, more stowage space and improved lighting.

A few 787 'firsts'

Since the 787 program launch in April 2004, Boeing has sold more than 500 airplanes to customers from around the world--passing the 500-airplane order mark faster than any other airplane launch in the history of commercial aviation.

The 787 is the first commercial airplane to make the change from metal to composite structure. The majority of the 787's major structure is made out of composite material. The Dreamliner is the first commercial airplane to be built with a one-piece fuselage. Manufacturing a one-piece fuselage section eliminates 1,500 aluminum sheets and 40,000 to 50,000 fasteners.

For the first time in commercial jet history, the 787 family will offer a standard engine interface for the two types of engines to be offered on the airplane--the General Electric GEnx (GE Next Generation) or Rolls Royce's Trent 1000--allowing the 787 to be fitted with either manufacturer's engines at any point in time.

More than 3 million square feet of new facilities have been built around the world to support the Dreamliner--making it the largest current industrialization project in the world.

For more information on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, visit: www.boeing.com/commercial/787family/index.html and www.newairplane.com

787 Premiere

Watch the 787 rollout event live on 7/8/07

The rollout event for the 787 Dreamliner will be available for the world to view. In an unprecedented move, the event will be broadcast live via webcast in nine different languages at 3:30 p.m. PDT on Sunday, July 8 (7/8/07).

Live viewing:

1. Live webcast through the Internet Go to www.boeing.com and get connected to the live webcast.

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