Nov 14, 2018

Website Marketing For The Small Business Owner

Published Sep 2, 2014, 9:20am

Website Marketing For The Small Business Owner

Search engine optimization. It's the key to getting traffic on your website, and where every excellent website marketing strategy begins. If your small business doesn't have a high search engine placement, even the consumers who are specifically looking for the product or service that you offer won't be able to find you. Your website won't get the traffic, and you won't make the sale.

Spending money to make money

Marketers have seen budgets slashed in the recession, but that can create a dilemma: More marketing spending in a downturn can help a company come out ahead when the economy picks up again. According to the “Small Business Marketing Health Check” report from Hurwitz & Associates, there is a correlation between small businesses that are doing well and greater marketing spending.

Almost two-thirds of small businesses that expected increased revenues had raised or planned to raise marketing spending, compared with just 32% to 36% of businesses with flat or declining revenues.

As a small business owner, you already wear many hats. Instead of trying to wear one more, why not hire search engine optimization professionals who already know exactly how to improve your website marketing strategy and increase your search engine placement? Search engine optimization experts can quickly evaluate what products and services you are selling and how to appropriately market them on your website. They can determine what keywords you need to be targeting and redesign the content of your website so once your search engine placement goes up, the consumers you attract to your website are not just looking, they are looking to buy. In the meantime, your focus can remain where it needs to be - on your company.

Hiring a website marketing company such as that specializes in search engine optimization does cost extra money, but only in the short run. Once your website optimization strategy is in place, it's a continuing upward spiral for your website placement, your online traffic, and your Internet revenues! You'll be attracting the attention of the online shoppers already spending an estimated $65 billion each year.

Direct your valuable time and energy to your area of expertise - running a successful business - and leave your website marketing and optimization strategy to the experts. A search engine optimization company can quickly and efficiently improve your search engine placement so you will see an increase in online traffic and, more importantly, online sales, in no time.

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