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Wear-Concepts, Inc. chooses Liberty, Missouri

Published Feb 14, 2008, 12:24pm

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Wear-Concepts, Inc. chooses Liberty

Wear-Concepts, Inc. has selected a site in Liberty, Mo. for its new 25,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility. The company currently employs 36 people at its Riverside, Missouri location. It is expected that the employees will transfer to the new location.

General Manager Gary Babb, led the site location search for Wear-Concepts. He noted "This new location and building will provide Wear-Concepts the room we need to meet our customers' orders. We need more space to accommodate our business growth. The accessibility to our customers from Heartland Meadows was a key factor in our decision making process. Remaining in the area was important to us so we could retain our workforce."

Wear-Concepts, Inc. manufactures and repairs steel parts for the Cement, Power, and Grain industries. It supplies wear resistant materials, adhesives and sealants for steel fabrication. Babb noted that the company would like to be in its new building by October 2008.

Liberty Mayor Bob Steinkamp said, "We are pleased that Wear-Concepts has chosen our community as the home for their growing business. This project continues Liberty's expansion of its business base. Wear-Concepts, Inc. is the third new light industrial business announcement in as many months."

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