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Do you run a small business?

Published May 24, 2007, 12:00pm


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Email Fax: The Details

Do you run a small business? Are you trying to keep costs down while also having the ability to grow? If so, you know that there are many things that you can do to cut expenses. But have you ever considered what email fax communication has to offer? When it comes down to it, email faxes are becoming more and more popular. Although this is not something that the big companies do, as a small or mid sized business it may be the best way to go. But before you settle on email fax communication, you will first need to consider the benefits as well as how it can work with your current way of doing business.

The main benefit of email fax is that you can save money month in and month out. For about $10 a month you can send and receive hundreds of faxes via email. Obviously, this is much more cost effective than having to buy a fax machine, the paper that goes with it, and of course the price of maintaining a separate line.

Another benefit of email fax communication is that most companies that offer this will give you a toll free number for free. This means that any of your clients can send you faxes without having to worry about running up their own costs. From the outside looking in, being able to send a fax to a toll free number is quite important.

Finally, with email fax you can make your company look much bigger than what it really is. Which types of companies usually have their own fax with a toll free number? Big ones, right? For this reason, email fax communication can make you look much bigger than what you are. And in turn, this will allow you to garner more business than you ever thought possible.

As you can imagine, email fax communication is becoming more and more popular.

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