Feb 15, 2019

Canadian company will put plant, 40 jobs in Liberty

Published Jun 8, 2007, 12:00pm


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Canadian company will put plant, 40 jobs in Liberty

A Canadian automotive parts-maker will bring more than 40 jobs to Liberty with its first U.S. manufacturing plant, the Kansas City Area Development Council said Friday.

Vari-Form Inc. chose Liberty to take advantage of its central location to serve the company's North American customers, company President Stephen Dow said in a prepared statement.

Bob Marcusse, the KCADC's CEO, said Vari-Form will start production in Liberty before year's end. The company's anticipated investment is $8 million, Marcusse said. Missouri offered incentives, he said.

Vari-Form's existing plants are in Ontario and Mexico, and its sales offices are in Michigan and Japan. The company's structural automotive hydroforming technology is used to produce more than 7 million parts a year.

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