May 21, 2019

Boulevard Brewing Company launches Lunar Ale

Published Mar 19, 2007, 12:00pm

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Boulevard Brewing Company set to launch Lunar Ale

Boulevard Brewing Company announces the release of its first new year-round beer in more than a decade - Lunar Ale. An unfiltered brown ale, Lunar is brewed with two-row malted barley and a small amount of dark roasted German malt, giving the beer its characteristic color. The recipe also includes substantial quantities of Midwestern wheat, producing a distinctive natural haze. Fermentation employs a special strain of Belgian yeast, which imparts subtle aromatic notes. The resulting beer has a complex, malty flavor, with an especially crisp, dry finish.

Lunar Ale debuts at an exciting time for both Boulevard Brewing Company and the entire craft brewing industry. Last year more people chose craft beers than ever before, pushing the segment to a 4% national share. Boulevard became the 10th largest craft brewer in the nation, despite being distributed in only eleven Midwestern states.

"Never has there been a better time in our history to introduce a new year 'round beer, especially one that we believe will have such widespread consumer appeal," said Bob Sullivan, Boulevard's vice president and chief marketing officer. "Lunar is truly in a class by itself, stylistically speaking. It's as approachable as our popular Unfiltered Wheat Beer, but offers its own unique harmony of flavors, with an alluring cloudy brown color. We think it's out of this world, and we hope consumers agree."

Boulevard Brewing Company has grown to be the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest, dedicated to the craft of producing fresh, flavorful beers using traditional ingredients and the best of both old and new brewing techniques. Boulevard beers are available throughout Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, North Dakota and Illinois. Web Site...

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