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Area musicians can still enter 2008 New Musician Showcase

Published Jan 4, 2008, 8:35am


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Area musicians can
still enter 2008 New
Musician Showcase

Area musicians can still enter 2008 New Musician Showcase

Time is running out for area musical acts to submit their entry and demo audition for the fifth New Musician Showcase in which musicians vie for the top prize - a chance to design, market, and present a full-scale live concert. 

The Showcase, sponsored by the Liberty Performing Arts Theatre LPAT) in Liberty, Mo., is a live competition that highlights emerging musical talent from the Kansas City metro area.  

There are no entry fees.  Only a completed entry form and a successful demo audition are required to perform on the Showcase.  All acts must submit their entry form no later than 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 8, 2008.  Entry forms are available online at www.ci.liberty.mo.us/LPAT, or by calling 816.439.4371. 

Other important entry details include the following: a) all music must be created live on stage, without backing tracks or sequences (no karaoke); b) the average age of all musicians in an act must be at least 15 (there is no upper age limit); c) acts must be available to perform on the Showcase date, Saturday, January 26, 2008. 

Each act that successfully passes the demo audition phase may perform for up to 20 minutes on the Showcase.  In a style similar to the Apollo Theatre Amateur Night, audience applause will determine the "most popular" winner of each evening.  The winner of the grand prize, however, will be determined by point scores awarded by a panel of judges.  The grand prize is a Concert Package provided by the LPAT.  The Package includes use of the LPAT, its ticketing services, technical personnel, sound equipment and lighting systems, valued at more than $1,400.  The Package also provides the winning act with ample stage time and production assistance. 

Area music-minded businesses wishing to sponsor a portion of the Showcase should contact the Theatre at 816.439.4371.

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