Jan 19, 2021

Kansas City Metro Dining Guide

Published Dec 30, 2007, 3:35pm


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Kansas City

Area Dining

Kansas City Area
Restaurants - Categories


American Restaurants (133)

Bagel & Donut Shops (10)

Bakeries (55)

Barbecue Restaurants (46)

Bistro Restaurants (4)

Brazilian Restaurants (1)

Breakfast Restaurants (11)

Brewpubs (13)

Buffets (1)

Burgers (70)

Cafes (39)

Cajun Restaurants (15)

Californian Restaurants (1)

Caribbean Restaurants (3)

Carry Out & Take Out (79)

Chinese Restaurants (54)

Coffee Houses (50)

Continental Restaurants (13)

Delicatessens (43)

Desserts (3)

Dim Sum Restaurants (1)

Eclectic Restaurants (4)

Family Style Restaurants (15)

Fast Food (186)

Food Delivery Services (3)

French Restaurants (8)

Fusion Restaurants (1)

Greek Restaurants (2)

Grill Restaurants (5)

Healthy Restaurants (6)

Ice Cream & Yogurt (35)

Indian Restaurants (6)

International Restaurants (9)

Irish Restaurants (6)

Italian Restaurants (45)

Japanese Restaurants (17)

Latin American (75)

Mediterranean Restaurants (3)

Mexican Restaurants (89)

Middle Eastern (2)

Pizza (91)

Restaurants (1086)

Salad Restaurants (27)

Sandwiches (105)

Seafood Restaurants (49)

Soul Food Restaurants (5)

Southeast Asian Restaurants (6)

Southern Restaurants (3)

Southwestern Restaurants (5)

Spanish Restaurants (2)

Steak Houses (41)

Sushi Restaurants (6)

Tapas Restaurants (1)

Tex-Mex Restaurants (3)

Thai Restaurants (8)

Vegetarian Restaurants (3)

Vietnamese Restaurants (4) 



























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